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Print & Paint exhibition is FINALLY open ! After 2 years's wait, a few programme changes, meet you at Chateau d'Ursel in Hingene (BE) every sundays and bank holidays until the 9th of october 2022 ! Open now !
POSTPONED . Due to actual circumstances with covid-19, Print & Paint' next exhibition is postponed. New date of exhibition will be soon communicated.
2020 . Between earth and sky
ARTY EVENT 12.2019. Find pieces from the atelier in a cosy interior, specially arranged by Mijntje Lukoff (LKFF Art Projects) and the architect and interior designer Caroline Notté.
October 17 - 21, back in Paris. Next to the FIAC, rendez-vous at Art Elysées. Thanks to LKFF Art Projects gallery.
Art collectors interior . Ideal spot found for:
Vol . 2018 . Sculpture on walnut tree . Unique . 180.5 x 96 x 6cm
Spiel 6 is a new project, a multiple project under construction. Here, Spiel6' installation is now online.
We had the great privilege to be at the Sotheby's Young collectors Party. It was in Paris, this Thursday. A beautiful selection done by the designer Esteban Cortazar, Now! Online.
Find us at the stand of Laurent Marthaler Contemporary. To come in partnership with art miami: Palm beach modern + contemporary 2019.
Back in Montreux ! Pieces are on display at the gallery Laurent Marthaler Contemporary, Avenue Claude Nobs 2, 182o Montreux, Tuesday - Saturday, 2pm - 6pm and by appointment.
25 - 28 October : we are happy to be featured at Kunst Zurich art fair. See you at the Laurent Marthaler Contemporary booth.
20.09.18 - 31.10.18 : Contemplations, group show at Laurent Marthaler Contemporary in Montreux (CH).
Featuring : Nicolas Bischof, Crystel Ceresa, Jean-Michel Dallanegra, Clothilde Gosset, Charlotte Hopkins Hall, Elizabeth Waggett.
Last creation that has found its new home... on the other side of the Atlantic :
(détails) . 2018 . Walnut sculpture . Unique
135 x 90 x 1.7 cm (53 1/10 x 35 4/5 x 0 7/10 in)
Thank you Connaissance des Arts for the article.
Magical moment at Art Paris Art Fair 2018... Silva3 and other creations were exhibited at the Grand Palais with LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects. Photos from the professional preview and the vernissage, Wednesday 4th April.
From April 5th-8th 2018, Clothilde Gosset's sculptures will be featured at Art Paris Art Fair with LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects. On exhibition at stand A22: new chance to see the artworks in the flesh!
Brussels is closing today... See you in April for the next exhibition in Paris. More information to come soon.
New artwork is now available online.
Thank you BXL1 & LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects for this television coverage !
To celebrate our partnership with the gallery LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects in Brussels, carte blanche was given to the artist Clothilde Gosset resulting in a solo exhibition: Silva3. Launched on November 16 and open until January 13, the Silva3 exhibition invites you to a walk through the wild forest created through the use of light, shadows and her hand-carved wooden sculptures.
Silva3 wakes up !

Installation of our first exhibition with LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects, art gallery who deals with contemporary sculpture in Brussels.
Thank you Art Decision for this interview !
Silva3, the new creation of Clothilde Gosset Atelier, is online. Exhibited last spring during two exhibitions in Geneva and London, Silva3, it is years of creative process, months of manufacturing and the cooperation of 5 crafts.
Atelier Clothilde Gosset has exhibited recently in Geneva and London. We celebrated a great opening week in Geneva in the early spring followed by two weeks in London at the beginning of the summer. Exhibitions are now closed however you can view the pictures by clicking here GENEVA (text in French) and LONDON (text in French).
Atelier Clothilde Gosset exhibits in London. There has been such a great response that we have decided to extend the exhibition until June 9th! It is everyday at the Old Brompton Gallery - London from 10am. Looking forward to meeting you there!
We made it and what a success! We had the pleasure to welcome you at the first exhibition of atelierclothildegosset in Geneva. The exhibition is now flying to London. Meet you at the Old Brompton Gallery - London, Vernissage on 1st June from 6pm. Looking forward to meeting you there!
The Atelier Clothilde Gosset won the 2016-2017 mentorship programm ! Thank you Softweb, network for social innovation, to guide us in the first steps of entrepreneurship.
Atelier Clothilde Gosset


Through her love and respect for wood as a natural living material, Clothilde Gosset’s creative intent is to follow its natural contours in order to preserve, unfold its colors and its familiar perfumes. Each piece tells a story. Clothilde is passionate about everything that moves, that is fluid and questioning herself constantly is essential to her design process. Each object illustrate her meticulous eye for detail and her ability to create the link between various forms, in the same way we connect to one another.


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