Feuille (EN)


Feuille is a line tail.

Made of wood, wood lines are as writing lines. Writing lines come one after the other and form the treasure of a reading made all the way of a life – “line”. To evoke lines, the long horizontal perspective is highlighted. An horizon is to come.

The upright give rythm to the installation through chapters. Books structure, pillars of a bookshelves, life stages. Further back but here, uprights wipe away as lectures goes on. They eclipse from the installation as chapters dissolve in books. So narrate a life story.ebay watches fakeanime phone casesbox of elf barselfbar v2phone case stickersphone case shoptelefoonhoesjes met koord

Order made of pear tree

320 (2×160) x 235 x 45 cm


Feuille is the second piece of our hand-crafted and contemporary collection describing the journey.

Made-to-measure in wished wood and dimension. Contact us.


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