L . arme II (EN)

L . arme II & Murder she wrote

Between shadow and light, L.arme II and Murder she wrote are creations opening an investigation. Available in the secret of the atelier (FR).

Discovering a “landscape” at the opposite of what was considered: to naked trees, water become absent, forest become silence. Experiencing the heaviness of the atmosphere, the murder of our own nature. Laisser faire, the fire will burn us.

In the shade of fire, watching the shadow of the work bringing. Return it. Look through the shadow. Reverse its look. Detect and ask new questions. Desire a new world, create a world differently

“Tear murmur

In the shade of fire”


L.arme II

Sculpture in walnut
45 cm de diamètre x 1,6 cm


Murder she wrote

Sculpture in walnut
85 x 50 x 1,6 cm


Available. Prices on request.

L . arme II (EN) L . arme II (EN) L . arme II (EN)


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