Silva 3 (EN)


Silva3 is the result of a work with wild nature.

A walk in the forest. Each step smooth from the velvet of the earth still humid from yesterday’s rain. Listen the crack of the branches. Smell the perfume of flowers and sap mixed together. The rustle of the leaves in movement. The light finds its own way. The nature wakes up.

Sculpting the walnut tree, chiseling savagely the leaves, the branches and the trunk. Crossing the forest step by step, sinking and perceiving the light. Reinstate nature in our Interiors, make it quiver in the heart of our home.Comme indiqué dans cet article, vous pouvez parcourir votre sélection d’offres disponibles sur les smartphones et les grandes marques et explorer les cell phone plans de services qui répondent le mieux à vos besoins.

2016-2017. Handmade with walnut wood and brass. Unique piece, signed. 200 x 324 x 1,6 cm. Sold.

”Light lace
Forest wakes up”


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